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stissingmtn-firetower-3-uzzilia-2016Want a nice afternoon hike in the Hudson Valley?   Then head on over to Pine Plains in eastern Dutchess County and walk to the Stissing Mountain Fire Tower.  The climb takes about 45 minutes for most people with a few short breaks along the way to rest and admire the surroundings.  There is one point where the trail clearly separates.  If you stay to the left, it is shorter but steeper.  If you want an easier climb stay to the right where there is a more gradual ascent on an old trail formerly used by the fire watchers going to work at the tower.   Of course, they drove up to the tower, but over time the roadway has become a trail that is only accessible by foot. Make sure to take a jacket with you as it can get cool  and windy in the fall at the top of the mountain.

This weekend Dutchess Country Realty’s Andrew Rebillard and Laura Uzzilia took the hike and here are some of their beautiful pictures.   (Photos by Laura Ann Uzzilia)