Why Is Millerton a Worthy Home For Your Business?

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Let’s be honest, choosing a location for your business isn’t something we get excited about. Personally, it has that same eerie feeling that suffocates us when looking for that new vehicle. Never being sure if we are getting the best deal possible, acknowledgment that we are most likely being taken for a ride. (No pun intended).  Although, when it’s time to begin searching, a few main concerns will arise when deciding on a new location. Most frequently, the amount of competition in the market place, potential for future growth and sustainability. Now, how does Millerton measure up?

 “Williamsburg on the Hudson” according to the New York Times

From a business standpoint, Millerton should have you drooling from the mouth with its potential. With a median age of 39 with the average household income of $55,000 this family friendly target audience is looking for something to catch their eye. A vibrant mix of eclectic and traditional, this town welcomes a new business with enthusiasm, a business should have no problem growing in a community where people like to indulge. A simply walkthrough of the town will make it quite obvious that Millerton is a very active location.

“Millerton is a great business community,” says Brad Rebillard, owner of Dutchess Country Realty. “It has it all!  Great shops, great food, great recreation and above all – great location.” 

Situated nicely on the Tri-state border (CT, NY, MA), Millerton is a destination!

 I invite you to take a stroll through the wonderful streets of Millerton. Go catch a flick at The Movie House, or grab a cup of coffee from Irving’s Farm Coffee House and simply decide for yourself!

“The Ten Coolest Small Towns in America” by Budget Travel Magazine